Do you want to transform, beautify and enliven your outdoor living area by adding plantings, color and areas of interest? Do have a problem that might require regrading, re-engineering or sculpting the land around your home? Are you not enjoying the recreational use of your yard as much as you’d like? We have the resources take your project from design to completion, in addition to providing the ongoing maintenance your new landscape needs.

Types of Projects:

Ornamental Plantings
Perennial Gardens
Seeded & Sodded Lawns
Wildflower Meadows
Irrigation Systems
Grading & Drainage Solutions
Privacy Plantings
Stone Terraces & Walls
Pergolas and Trellises
Outdoor Lighting
Brick Patios
Custom Masonry
Entrance Gates
Wooden Decks
Entrance Gates
Fences & Arbors
Pergolas & Trellises
Outdoor Kitchens
Fire pits
Built-in BBQ’s
Outdoor Sound Systems


  • Green Roofs

    Craig Kopfmann is a certified Green Roof Professional (GRP), a Green Roof Consultant and a member of Green Roofs for Healthy Cities. In addition to being an interesting and attractive alternative to conventional roofing…

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  • Design and Build

    Our motto is “Do it right, do it once.” Once the design planning phase is complete, it is time to begin installation and make your design a reality. We do everything possible to make…

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  • Commercial Property Care

    There’s no need to micromanage us. We will give you superior landscape maintenance and peace of mind. You will save time and money because Green Acres is focused on doing your job right the…

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  • Residential Property Care

    Proper maintenance protects your investment and allows you to just relax and enjoy your landscape all year through. Our managers and crews use ecologically-sound strategies to monitor your landscape, optimizing its health and beauty.…

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